May 6, 2019

IAMKAYPEE Podcast #89 - STEPS TO HOPE on Addiction, Homelessness and Recovery

Ritchie who is doing some truly great work at Steps to Hope, a nonprofit charity based in Edinburgh to aid and support the homeless and those suffering from addiction. He was very open about his own addictions and recovery which led him to start Steps to Hope
We have been offered a room with 4 beds for our service users who seek a new life. Whilst our friends have a 3 month wait for a placement in rehab, we would be able to put them up in this accommodation and support them. This room would be exclusive to STH  and is a great opportunity for us. The cost of this is £1500 per month. We have over 3000 Facebook followers and if everyone was to set up £1 a month standing order, we would be able to secure this room and truly save life’s. Please keep supporting our work and set up a monthly payment of £1 every month ❤
Steps to Hope 
Sort - 83-16-05
Account - 10878894
Please set reference as - STH HOSTEL
Please please share this post and get friends and family on board. Together we can make a massive difference to our brothers and sisters on the street 🙏🏻❤🙏🏻"
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